The Linux System Roles are a collection of roles and modules executed by Ansible to assist Linux admins in the configuration of common GNU/Linux subsystems. Conceptually, the intent is to serve as a consistent “API” to a give Linux distribution that is consistent across multiple major and minor releases.

Table of Contents

  1. Concepts
  2. HowTo
    1. Working with Ansible Jinja2 code and filters
    2. How to Tag and Release a Role Repo
  3. Introduction to Ansible for Linux System Roles
  4. Incremental Settings for Ansible Values
  5. External Resources
  6. Working With The Source
  7. TLS/Crypto Parameter and Key Naming
  8. System Roles Collection - How to Build and Publish
  9. How to Specify Roles Used by Other Roles
  10. FAQ
    1. Preparation for Collections
  11. Design Documents
    1. Logging